Zaidi Ya Dreams

Zaidi Ya Dreams is a children’s home in Nairobi Kenya. Bayside Family Medical & Musculoskeletal Practice is holding a raffle to raise money for the orphanage, with a prize pool valued at $2065.


Tickets are available online until 12am midnight on the evening of Tuesday 8th November 2016, or until tickets run out.

Buy your tickets here for $5.

Thank you for your generous support!

You can also support the orphanage directly via direct deposit donations. Please contact us by email at to request our bank account details. Receipts will be issued, and all donations over $2 are tax deductible. Alternatively, consider supporting the Go Fund Me campaign to enable the orphanage to buy a roadworthy car.

City Bay Fun Run

The photo in Sunday’s Advertiser shows Bayside’s exercise physiologist Melanie Kastelein, and Drs Zlata Mujic, Nick Tallis (Partridge St), Martin Davey (Rose St) and Lane Hinchcliffe (Health Hub), limbering up for the GLENELG GP CITY-BAY CHALLENGE.

Which Glenelg Practice will get the best times? Which Glenelg Practice will have the highest percentage of staff participation? There will be trophies!

At Bayside we have accepted the challenge, and have been working on our fitness. In addition to the good looking bunch in the Advertiser photo, Drs Marco Gleeson, Kerry Summerscales & Jennie Wright, and our dietitian Stelios Sioutis will also be running.

With an exercise physiologist, dietitian, and physiotherapist and podiatrist on hand, admittedly we have a home team advantage. But the other Practices are keen and fit, so may the best team win. Special mention must go to Dr Lane Hinchcliffe of Health Hub, who is running in the City-Bay GP Challenge despite having broken his leg last year!

We are raising money for the Zaidi Ya Dreams orphanage with this GP challenge, so please support your favourite team. Email us at to support us by direct deposit (receipts issued, donations tax deductible), or buy a raffle ticket, or donate to our Go Fund Me campaign. Any way you support this cause helps immensely!