X-Men + Ninja

Dear friend,

I hereby challenge you to a Ninja Duel, and hope that you will consider joining me and my fellow Ninjas at a fundraiser screening of X-Men Apocalypse. You see, we’re raising money to support Project Hotwire, and give children at poorly equipped public schools in SA the opportunity to experience skills like programming video games.

5:30pm – Open bar, refreshments, and Ninja Tournament!
6:15pm – Organist performance
6:30pm – X-Men Apocalypse

Ninja is a game that is easy for anyone to play. On December 3rd (tentative date) we aim to beat the record for the world’s largest Ninja Tournament, which currently stands at 554 Ninjas. The top players from our games at the movie screening pre-qualify for the advanced rounds at our record attempt.

Book your tickets here. Adults $25, Children $19 (but please note that the movie is rated MA15+. All ticket purchases are fully refundable up to the event start time if your availability changes.

Kind Regards,
Your friendly neighbourhood Ninja

How to Play Ninja

  1. Form a circle of 3 to 8 Ninja combatants.
  2. Nominate the Ninja who will start the game. Play proceeds clockwise.
  3. Together, bow, and count “1… 2… 3… Ninja!” Strike a dramatic Ninja pose.
  4. When it is your turn, attack any other Ninja by swiping at their hand with your hand in one fluid motion.
  5. If your hand is touched by an attacking Ninja, you are out of the game.
  6. When attacked, you may evade, moving your hand and arms (but not your feet) with a single fluid motion.
  7. The last Ninja standing wins the game!

Advanced Rules of Ninja

  1. You must conduct yourself with the dignity and honour befitting a Ninja warrior.
  2. Order of play is clockwise from the starting Ninja, according to starting positions. It does not change as you move around during the game.
  3. The whole hand, front and back, is the valid target area, from the tips of the fingers down to where the base of the hand meets the wrist. The wrist and forearm are not part of the target area.
  4. You may not deliberately touch or strike any other player, except within the target area.
  5. If any part of your body touches the ground, except your feet and your knees, you’re out (because lava, that’s why).
  6. You may not leave the area of play, hide, sneak off or otherwise deliberately avoid engaging the enemy for longer than a single turn.
  7. You may move your entire body in attack, but it must be a single fluid, continuous motion, in a single direction.
  8. You may begin your turn as soon as the previous Ninja is fully committed to their own attack.
  9. You may not attack another Ninja as part of an evasive motion. However, if your turn immediately follows that of the attacking Ninja, it is legit to follow your evasive motion directly with your offensive motion.
  10. If you move out of turn (“flinch”) you forfeit your right to your next attack.