Referral Codes

The codes and links posted here are my personal referral codes for services that I use, and that I have no hesitation recommending to you. Generally they give both you and I some kind of benefit when you use the code.

Hello Fresh

You get a discount of $50 off your first box. I get $50 off my next box! Win win! This referral link has your Hello Fresh discount code built in.

I don’t subscribe to Hello Fresh all the time, but I do order their boxes occasionally. They are healthy, and delicious. They are cheaper then dining out. The ingredients are of the highest quality, and they are pre-proportioned and pre-prepared as much as possible to make the cooking quick and easy. The recipes generally take me about 35 minutes from fridge to table. It works out about $10 per meal per person. That’s more expensive than grocery shopping. I figure if you cooked the same meals from the grocery store you’d spend $6 per meal per person. But you pay for the convenience.  The recipes are generally intelligently chosen to appeal to most people. My wife is a very fussy eater, and there has been one or two occasions where she hasn’t been keen on the meal, but she almost always enjoys them.


YouFoodz sell fresh, healthy packaged frozen meals that work out to around $10 per person per meal. A big focus on extra healthy compositions means my wife leaves a big stack of veggies on the side of her plate, but that means more for me, and I’m a fan. Use my referral link to get $10 off your order, and I’ll get $10 off my next order too..


Bluetooth “thing trackers” will save you hours of searching for lost keys. Also the battery is replaceable. Use my referral link to get a free Trackr (extra!) in your order, and I’ll get a free Trackr in my next order too. Win and win.

Roof Seal

Just kidding. Roof Seal is a scam. Stay away. One might argue that there is nothing wrong with the product if you want a cosmetic overhaul of your roof, but their sales people will sell it to you on a completely different set of benefits that are lies and half truths. That’s what makes it a scam. Scam scam scam scam scam. Stay away.

Youi Car Insurance

This is a scam. Scam scam scam scam scam. Stay away. Try SGIC instead. Youi builds its business on aggressive salespeople and dubious tactics. Stay away.